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Vacuum Pump suction shafts 

  • figure shaping

  • purifying

  • tissue detox

  • weight reduction supportive

  • lymphatic drainage

  • mood-enhancing

  • Regenerating Renewing

  • .........

Pneumatic pulsation therapy


is a therapeutic treatment with a particularly deep effect on muscles, tissue and the lymphatic system.
which vertical rhythmic
pulsating vacuum waves very effectively loosen and circulate even deep-seated muscle and tissue areas.


The Pneumatron Massage.... is an interplay of body and psyche.

Pneumatron pulsation massage supports the body very specifically and purposefully in its vital and healthy elimination processes.

It activates the body's mostly stagnant regulatory mechanisms.

The holistically oriented therapy mobilizes additional natural healing powers.

This preventive and regenerative therapy with the intention of delaying or preventing premature aging processes and enabling physical and mental performance is gentle and tissue-friendly and at the same time a very pleasant experience.

In contrast to the conventional cupping massage/cupping method, with the pulsation massage there are hardly any hematomas or others

cosmetically undesirable skin or tissue disorders as side effects.


The vibration frequency of about 200 times per minute has proven to be suitable.

Through the rhythmic suction and release, an expansion and contraction of the massaged parts of the body is achieved.

Via the reflex zones, this stimulates and improves blood circulation and lymph flow.

The congestion of the lymph caused by metabolic end products, inflammatory mediators, waste products, loosened connective tissue deposits and environmental pollutants can be loosened and removed with the Pneumatron massage.

The body's own vital substances such as hormones, vitamins and minerals have "free rein"

to the cell groups and are increasingly available for an optimal metabolism.

There is a noticeable relief of the entire organism.

The lymphatic system is one of the vital organs in our body. Her healing powers are incredibly valuable.

The lymph is the finest, most delicate, most sensitive, most intimate part of the whole body.



for more well-being,
& your lymphatic system regularly
more attention  give a gift.


Spring action !!!!

Block of 5 + 1 free order 
€250 instead of (€360)

One session €60,-
Duration 60 minutes



Wellness, relaxation massage face & body back pain , shoulder & neck muscle tension myogelosis, connective tissue massage , muscle trauma after sports, bruises, strains, arthrosis (joint wear), arthritis  Vertebral acid syndromes (sciatica = sciatica irritation, lumbago,  Arm pain with various causes, etc.)  

Pain in the intervertebral discs, tendon disorders in the extremities  Fibromyalgia (fibrous muscle pain

, Dizziness, Tension Headaches & Migraine Depression  

  Gastrointestinal tract (e.g. flatulence, constipation ), circulatory disorders , lymphatic congestion, scalp massage , 

Cellulite treatment , wrinkle smoothing, bags under the eyes, tissue tightening, stretch marks, breast lifting,
  & Leg Wellness

Humans are largely made up of water.
It is essential to ensure that there is sufficient water supply!
Naturally non-carbonated!!
Preferably pure spring water .
I would be happy to tell you something nice about it!!




"Do something good for your body regularly,

so that your soul wants to feel good in it"

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