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Catherine De Menezes
Holistic wellness

Catherine D'Menezes

Interwoven holistic world artist 
Holistic Tan Trilogies

Beauty energetic massage 
since 1999
Holistic Wellness Omnilogyn since
& private practice for

Naturopathic studies 
for Omnilogy & Tantrilogy 2020

with a lot of professional experience, empathy,
Honor & wellness for all life in balance.

My passion is that
Vedic, sensual aesthetic holistic
Beauty care wellness massage energetic omnilogy

"Feel good inside and out"

I'm an old school born in 1968
with Indian roots of the old Vedic culture
but born in Rhodesia.
Living, loving, celebrating with pleasure
  Old "Elfenreich" ParTea Time" or "5 o'clock tea"  Pan Love, Life, Creative Phantasy Dance & Sapio Chat, Chirognomy,
I like to study what makes sense to me & preferably together in my workshops
Education has always and everywhere taken place.

I thank life for this 
& like to share my insights in shared experience with All Om which would like to be remembered.

Klangschalen Chakra  Clearing & Finetuning

My greatest praise of late is the recognition of my deepest insights into the unique  Omnipathy®
which I recommend to everyone, meaningfully coherent around the wings of consciousness
  to perceive  thus one can thus understand the mysteries of life  can meet more consciously.

A simple massage or beauty treatment break is always very beneficial for all beings of the Tan (Tissue) Tra (Interwoven)  = Unus Versus
Plant animals & people from young to old and especially when you get older
without having to exaggerate.
D´Árt of enjoyment is previously in dialogue about an optimized
  Advice to clear up misunderstandings, of course  possible .
It should be pointed out that TantrilogyBeauty care is wellness
for general well-being and beauty care
  Balance massages
in the holistic sense of care
(no promised clearance Häbbiändplus enlightenment)
My Tantrilogy is Cosmic with us
  matured & needs our mind for pleasant attention of a harmonizing symphony 
Just be
  holistic care
in good hands, which one too
can develop in love & balance.

Catherine De Menezes
Catherine De Menezes
Klangschalen Chakra  Clearing & Finetuning

my philosophy

Landed in peace with my partner in the country, there is my small private practice
Vedic nature well-being & Vidya art,
a constant study in life of common experiences to find the harmony of life,
the origins of the garden in the applied well-being care
& meanwhile extended external trip to the - Botany -
of folk culture plant well-being -& what the preservation
of harmonious life, otherwise still healthy.
For those looking for personal attention's time out

want to treat
  a wide 'choice of wellness' experiences available,
which you can put together individually,
depending on your needs and your heart's content.
Self-stirred vegetable oils, vegetable butter & everything tasty
for the exclusive "Hàut Cultùre à la Carté" ,
or even simple neutral skin care oil
without fragrance essence
  stand to choose.  

The goal is the optimal feel-good care & experience
body-mind-spirit level,
within the time you want to spend on it & this again and again to a new personal nuance.
The advantages are better enjoyed when the weather is nice,
a this can also take place in the garden with angels chirping.
In winter we have to be patient the warm
to enliven the room
  & enjoy knowing
to the appointment,
  A warm welcome to tea and tarts  

More to experience at any time ......
Om Namaste
Yours Catherine

Gemütlicher Winter
Gemütlicher Winter
Catherine De Menezes
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