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For humans & animals



The body 's self-healing powers  to stimulate
& the impulse to inspire, the natural balance
on a physical and mental-emotional level.

  becomes large & small in humans
in comfortable clothes, meditative &
  done gently.
It is a very empathetic fine technique with a lasting deep effect
& in-depth attention to the source of the complaint.
This is a pleasantly felt meditative relaxation,
energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually

  is the production of communication without words, by listening to all subtle movements of body language, as well as raising awareness and resolving blockages and traumas, depending on the possibilities, the willingness and the cooperation of the client,
whether young or old,
  for human as well as animal
& common interpersonal communication when unsaid
still have to come to an agreement in order to solve unnecessary conflict blockages.
Couples often come to me to find balance or find each other again. The same applies between parents, children, siblings, harmonization,
Human & Pet....

OMNIPATHIE can listen without words, synchronize internally
or inspire.
(The primal principle of the flow of life universal in function, context
8 ung Mind & Harmony,
  is the same with all living beings,
from plant human & animal)
before, during & after pregnancy, from the infant
until old age

  is for EVERYONE  Good.

The OMNIPATHIE® as a gentle & painless method,
all displaced parts with gentle, energetic grips
as well as their flexibility & mobility,
before more serious disruption occurs.
(This method does NOT include
mechanical, manual or violent interventions)
With this, the OMNIPATHIE strives for late effects &
prevent any recurrence.
Blockages in bone tissue, in joints, tendons, connective tissue and muscles can be detected by the sensitive hands of an OMNIPATHEN
and the mind/body awareness is stimulated to self-correct.
  Balance as well as body/mind harmony is self-regulating.

That is why it is also associated with other alternatives or
can be easily combined with conventional medical methods.
OMNIPATHIE® is therefore the ideal health care
  for humans & animals.


As with humans, OMNIPATHIE® can also be used with horses, dogs, cats and other vertebrates.
Especially with movement disorders, chronic cough or
  other physical and mental matters, it is complementary to conventional medical therapies, since they are emotional as well as
Working through mental levels of origin helps.
OMNIPATHIE® is also for communication
worth a session between humans & animals,
especially when disagreements prevail,
to restore harmonious harmony.....


as health care,  or disorders mostly related like 
Migraines and headaches, chronic neck and back pain,
stress and tension-related disorders,
Neurological problems, psychosomatic, psychoemotional conflicts
, being overexcited , or not in harmony with yourself,
Vegetative digestive, or bringing into emotional balance -
listen to your gut feeling
Chronic fatigue, difficulty falling asleep
  or exhaustion, burnout,
lack of concentration, learning, reading or language problems,
Subconscious fear, worry grinding,
Scoliosis and Postural Disorders, Bone & Structural Issues,
also transgenerational topics processing,
For birth preparation, recovery and after birth,
Sleep Problems in Babies and Children, Cry
Babies  and restlessness, digestive problems, burden relief
Result of emotions such as lovesickness, detachment processes, new beginnings,
stress, sadness, anger, depression, despair,
or in children with developmental delays
learning disabilities,
  anxiety states
& for general wellness prophylaxis

OMNIPATHY®  is all-encompassing & essential for everyone
big  & small
pleasant, gentle, meditatively self-regulating  .........

OMNIPATHY®  is helpful between unspoken lines,
understanding of body/mind/spirit
  to get,
to find the harmonic mean again.
Health, Peace, Love, Balance & Harmony
is the goal of













& Hello  sincerely  


Catherine DeMenezes

Feel the phenomenon of life in you  with  OMNIPATHY®

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children €5,-
Youth €20,-
adults €50,-


The normal price is between €80,- & 120,-

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mehr zu gesund Leben mit



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