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Wellness from HEAD to TOE

The Ritual of JING Wellness

from head to toe

JING is the word in traditional Chinese medicine
for stillness, calm and serenity. 
The Ritual of JING is a path to inner awareness and balance
to prepare for yoga, meditation, relaxation, sleep,
or also 
a very special tuning for a 

Many of us have a morning routine to start the day off right.
Also for in between is a refreshing JING RITUAL beauty care massage experience 
a balancing boost  worth a meditation for body mind & spirit.

Body and mind are active every minute of the day.
you can let go of the tension in your body and finally relax your mind.
A guided relaxation meditation will help you release stress,
in order to find yourself in between, in order to get along well in everyday life.


However tired you may be after a long, hectic day,
Not only can it be difficult to get a good night's sleep  to drop
and therefore sometimes feeling overwhelmed in everyday life.
In order to mentally free oneself from everyday life, it also helps to have a guided one
where you can reflect on your day's events and let go of mentally stressful thoughts
to feel so JING balanced, inspired to feel empowered again.


This guided Jing Rituals evening meditation is loving & helpful,
or after a Jing Rituals massage experience,
to remember  facilitates inspires everyday life more successful behind  to know,
to then fall asleep more carefree into the natural recovery cycle & thus improve your natural sleep quality.
Try it yourself, or let yourself be
from head to toe
to inspire.


The meaning of JING

JING  comes from the TCM temples and is the word for "ESSENCE" 
more accurate  explained  the "kidney essence" 
& is one  the treasures of

yin  (female principle)   &  YANG (male principle)
It stands for our personal ability to love and relate,
as well as the way of giving and receiving love.

The Feminine Yin Aspect of the JING  forms and secures the material basis,  like earth
for the processes of preservation, care,  Growth, earthlings, reproduction and genetic information.
The Yin aspects are: earthy, passive, moist, cooling, quiet, calming, soft, slow,  dark, 
inwards, downwards, backwards, blue, sleep,
Yin stands for the night.  


The masculine yang aspect of the jing corresponds to the yang aspect of the kidney,
which warms the yang of all other organs.
It is responsible for heating, activating, transforming and moving.
Yang aspects are:  fiery, active, dry, warming, loud, activating, hard, fast, bright, 
outward, upward, forward, red, alertness,
Yang stands for the day

Heaven & Earth, Day & Night, Ebb & Flow, Warm & Cool, On & Off, Wet & Dry 
The one  & the other 
is balanced with JING 
JING IS THE BALANCE between Yin & Yang
which maintains homeostasis balance & harmony.










This ancient knowledge of the balance of organ language,  is necessary for a long healthy like  Balanced life & can be one of the valuable holistic complementary wellness treatment methods.
The spine is the root of all functions in balance.
& each vertebra is related to one or more organs and functional systems.
The kidneys are a pair of organs, are assigned to the 10th thoracic vertebra and have the balance with togetherness and partnership
of the Yin & Yang aspect within yourself.
To compensate for an imbalance is a good one
JING massage with the Rituals care series 
always worth a personal treat at the end of the day.
JING is about breathing, water, food & love or care
as well as environment & social conditions.
The kidney functions can be energetically and symbolically transferred to filtering, cleaning and letting go of emotional baggage and toxic thoughts,
as well as negative experiences & stressful environmental events.
The pair of kidneys and the urinary bladder are associated with the element of water. 
Wisdom, intuition, modesty, perseverance, constancy and a positive attitude towards life and death are characteristic of the element of water.
On the other hand, the element of water in its negative manifestation can express itself as fear, depression, rigidity and constant fears.

Water stands for clarity & associated emotional issues such as  Admission, acceptance, emotional disharmony, conflicts, disappointment, imbalance, insecurity, helplessness, fear, guilt, defense, decision-making.







The  Sacral chakra is the second chakra  (Sanskrit:  Svadhisthana - one's own)
at the level of the sacrum (sacrum) & is associated with the element of water
  tied together.
It is represented as a LOTUS flower for the consciousness of this center.
This is below the belly button
& is considered the center of our instincts, feelings & the home of the self.
It is responsible for inspiration, creativity as well as joie de vivre &  liveliness.
When it is blocked, the creative life energies do not flow
& thus the sensual perception of & for itself is also disturbed.
​ A balanced Svadhistana Chakra gives you a certain ease in dealing with yourself.
There are several ways to revitalize this center,
such as breathing exercises, rest, aromatherapy, chakra meditation, yoga, exercise, pubs, massages
or  special RITUALS BATHS  from balneo therapy
to bring these blockages back into balance & harmony.

The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness




Consider the element WATER
forms a cycle, constantly moving or still, which is in permanent exchange with nature and its environment and is able
store and share information.
The trees & forests also have the perfectly eco-balanced water cycle
of the earthly biosphere, which absorbs, filters and stores precious water and thus maintains the healthy cycle of the earthly water balance:

The unfathomable depth of many bodies of water also contributes to the symbolism of the element:<

It stands for profundity, secrets and strong emotionality.<

Honesty and wisdom are also qualities associated with water. Since water can wash away dirt and make things look new,
water  also stands for innocence and purity.
In the life of man this element predominates in the last phase of life;

if life 
transitions into the cosmic phase of the holistic dimension,

is the scale of balance in life &
  then life is in harmony.
Apparent compromises in everyday life form the longing for real harmony.
We achieve real harmony by taking care of our body/mind/spirit existence
Everything that does health inside and outside, as well as our environment,
is to be taken care of and keeps your kidney essence healthy.

With our Vital Drink Cure Meditation
is a way to find yourself through wellness bathing rituals; to be well cared for
Everyday life,
  let go of negative thoughts, stressful feelings or worries,
to find inner & outer balance again.

The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness

is an effective way to relax & harmonize body, mind & spirit. 
A happy mind leads to restful sleep

& maybe nice dreams


"The quality of our day
will be in the
reflect our night"

The Ritual of JING Wellness


  • Over the past week, the following has made me feel good  .....

  • Today this moment did me particularly good.....

  • 5  Things I am grateful for in my life......


If it charms a smile on your face
Then sleep
  hereby saved in love 
beautiful one
  with a
  care meditation

The last possible evening appointment 
Monday to Friday
19 to 20:30 possible 
Greetings with love

*Guide link for the night*
& drink a glass of good water *
The Ritual of JING Wellness
The Ritual of JING Wellness
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