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Chair Massage



'The Indian head massage is like freeing your fine thoughts from the unnecessary ballast of the world &  Ventricle fluid refine & flush from everyday life & that always does mesmerizing  Good.
The chair massage for spontaneous people is possible in clothes from 30 minutes ...


Whether meditative head massage, hair growth care massage or
Head Neck, Shoulder & Back
Free your arms and hands and joint strain from everyday life,
take your time & enjoy

the journey back to you where you expect yourself ....
relaxed, balanced & clear for a new start
If there are several participants, it can also be booked at home.

Chair Massage
Chair Massage


  • is uncomplicated, fast and above all effective

  • The customer sits down on the ergonomically developed Massage CHAIR

  • Changing time is eliminated

  • It is massaged without oil, clothed

  • Or the upper body freed & the skin massaged with or without oil

  • The massage lasts about 30 minutes, or longer if you wish

  • The chair massage can also be arranged individually at short notice

  • Costs €1,- per minute for those who decide on the spur of the moment or during an information session


  • Increased blood flow in these zones

  • Warming and loosening of the tissue

  • Removal of toxins from muscle tissue

  • Stimulating the metabolism and the immune system

  • Improved lymph flow

  • Improved circulation of the body's own energies

  • inspiring balance

  • for more ease  in being




  • Gesteigerte Durchblutung dieser Zonen

  • Erwärmung und Lockerung des Gewebes

  • Entfernung der Schlackenstoffe aus dem Muskelgewebe

  • Anregung des Stoffwechsels und des Immunsystems

  • Verbesserter Lymph fluss

  • Verbesserte Zirkulation der Körpereigenen Energien

  • Inspirierende Ausgeglichenheit

  • Für mehr Leichtigkeit  im Sein

Chair Massage
Chair Massage

The basis of this massage are parts of Shiatsu and acupressure, Tuina,
Joint loosening, stretching and strokes
and of course energy work.
Here, too, the concept of inner energy channels (meridians)
and the acupressure points on it worked.
Gentle pressure is applied to the muscles and subsequently the meridians.
The back, neck, shoulders and arms are worked calmly and fluently.
In about 20 minutes, undersupplied areas of the body are treated
stimulates blood circulation and the vegetative nervous system
harmonized throughout the body.
Through the relaxed sitting posture on the chair
And the pleasant pressure technique makes you completely calm.
is therefore ideally suited
where short relaxation and revitalization is necessary,
However, there is no time or opportunity for elaborate undressing and dressing,

or someone who wants to find out more about all the treatment options and programs that are available.

Because the CHAIR MASSAGE only

€1,- per minute costs

can be arranged in the short term
and gives you the opportunity
to relax at the same time during a short info.


What is massage?

Massage is an ancient form of real touch that not only conveys closeness,
but also the improvement of well-being, pain relief,
as well as strengthening and stimulating the muscles.
Both the giver and the receiver are relaxed.
Emotional and physical changes are created with the help of touch,
which can lead to mental and physical harmony.

The touch aspect promotes body and breath awareness and
improves posture. Pent-up mental and physical tension
are alleviated and the mobility of overstressed muscles is increased
restored or brought into balance.
Metabolic waste in the muscles can thus be removed via the cleaning function
be transported away by the lymphatic system.

MASSAGE is one of the most gentle and natural healing methods we know.
The ability to heal in this way and discomfort, bad mood, pain,
In fact, reducing stress seems to be innate.
When it hurts, you instinctively put your hands on the appropriate spot
and massage yourself. Each of us massages our temples when we have a headache,
or the abdomen if you have an upset stomach.
In addition to revitalization and total relaxation, the CHAIR MASSAGE
to an effective increase of concentration and motivation,
and thus an increase in performance.
Well-being increases.


Chair Massage
Chair Massage

Was ist Massage?

Massage ist eine uralte Form der echten Berührung, die nicht nur Nähe vermittelt,
sondern auch der Verbesserung des Wohlbefindens, der Schmerzlinderung,
sowie der Kräftigung und Belebung der Muskulatur dient.
Sowohl der Geber als auch der Empfänger sind entspannt.
Mit Hilfe von Berührung werden emotionale und physische Veränderungen erzeugt,
die zu geistig-körperlicher Harmonie führen können.

Der Berührungs Aspekt fördert das Körper- und Atembewusstsein und
verbessert die Haltung. Aufgestaute psychische und physische Spannungen
werden gelindert und die Beweglichkeit überbeanspruchter Muskeln wird
wieder hergestellt bzw. in Balance gebracht.
Stoffwechselschlacken an den Muskeln können so über die Reinigungsfunktion
des Lymphsystems abtransportiert werden.

MASSAGE ist eine der sanftesten und natürlichsten Heilmethoden, die wir kennen.
Die Fähigkeit, auf diese Weise zu heilen und Unwohlsein, schlechte Laune, Schmerzen,
Stress zu lindern scheint sogar angeboren zu sein.
Wenn es schmerzt legt man instinktiv die Hände auf die entsprechende Stelle
und massiert sich. Jeder von uns massiert sich die Schläfen bei Kopfschmerzen,
oder den Bauch bei Magenverstimmungen.
Neben Vitalisierung und totaler Entspannung führt die CHAIR MASSAGE
zu einer effektiven Erhöhung von Konzentration und Motivation,
und somit zu einer Steigerung der Leistungsfähigkeit.
Das Wohlbefinden nimmt zu.

WAS BEWIRKT DIE CHAIR MASSAGE und für wen ist sie geeignet?

Chair Massage

The CHAIR MASSAGE is suitable for everyone, big and small, young and old, but especially for older people, as long as you find it comfortable on the energetic chair. It's just a massage sitting on the armchair, for  Head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands - the pelvis if possible & the legs to promote blood circulation in the muscles, which often become slack, tense, stiff & sluggish from sitting for a long time. The body finds some revitalizing relief & relaxation to more joie de vivre after such a session.  The chair massage was originally developed for people
who sit at a computer or desk every day or who want a general back, neck, shoulder or head massage.
Due to this unnatural posture in office work,
posture-related tension and other symptoms often develop,
such as severe fatigue, head, neck & back pain. In order to avoid permanent postural damage, a chair massage should be carried out at least 1-2 times a month,  at best once a week!
We sit far too long and too rigidly in front of the desk.
Physical exercise is always neglected.
In the long run, this affects overall optimal bodily function,  well-being, concentration and ability to work.


With the CHAIR MASSAGE, the problem areas,
such as head, neck, shoulders, arms and back,
loosened and relaxed.
The legs and feet can also be edited.
You feel regenerated and balanced again.
The self-healing powers are activated.

But it's not just a lot of sitting that puts a strain on the static posture
and straining the skeleton, muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and head area,
the tendons shorten, the joints lose their mobility
and the intercellular tissue slowly sticks together.

All of this leads to tension and ultimately to aches and pains.
Last but not least, of course, there is often stress,
through time and work pressure or difficult life situations.


















It has long been proven that most sick leave is due to spinal ailments
or are due to problems of the musculoskeletal system.
Regular MASSAGES are an effective form of prevention
& also a good experience
to improve motivation and performance.

Companies that offer their employees this opportunity
offer the mobile chair massage on site,
give your employees a noticeable boost, so to speak!

Book your chair massage appointment now.
€1 per minute pure massage time

60 minutes at €60,-

action !!! Block of 10 at €480

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