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Chair Massage

We all, from time to time, need one of the most ancient forms of touch, closeness, attention, empowerment, pain relief, or enhancement or revitalization via a soothing massage.
Head, neck, back, shoulder & arm massages are used to create emotional and physical improvements in our body/mind state, which can lead to more relaxed harmony.
Built-up tension from everyday life is relieved and the mobility of overstrained muscles and fascia is preserved  your attention, metabolic waste and the cleaning processes of the lymphatic system in the body can be transported away much more easily. In this way, body and mind experience a significantly noticeable relief  of the burdens that can often only make life more difficult.

Massage has always been one of the most natural well-being and healing methods, to which we instinctively use our hands to remedy when it pinches here and there, such as the temples, headaches, or the stomach with an upset stomach, the shoulders during strenuous activities, etc.. ..
Unfortunately, our backs are often very stressed & that's exactly THIS ..... we can't go there ourselves & even the best masseur can't do it himself, with a good one  Fix back massage :-(
There are ways such as yoga or Pilates, for example, where regular exercise can provide preventive relief, but a good massage is still a welcome benefit.

Massage is also a way of breaking away

  • To relieve stress, loneliness & all the burdens of the often monotonous everyday life 

  • stiff joints, 

  • a stiff face (out of sheer bravery to endure everyday life), 

  • to regain emotional balance

  • to find yourself when everything is too much for you,

  • consolation in all circumstances

  • revival of the regenerative powers or self-healing powers

  • to care for, revitalize, improve and beautify skin in need of care 

  • Reduce aging processes or degeneration caused by attention deficit

  • to receive a mindful nurturing massage,  which is good for the body as well as the mind

  • so infinitely more as one could imagine

this can also be discussed over a massage  .... or


Rather a workshop for inspiration
Singles, couples, good friends, young, mature, big, small, human animal ..... everyone their benefit
Flat rate or donation

to the



More on this  will follow soon depending on the request  .......

Best wishes

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