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  Life the earthly way

The Essential Inspiration for All Earthly Creatures
The universe of the botany  is alive
healing & infinitely diverse Interesting.

Mother Earth, a highly complex delicate sovereignly balanced biosphere ,
& Autonomous Life Support System,  as on & for yourself

The forest has always offered protection, food, living space and medicine or everything a healthy organism needs to live for all living beings on earth, if you only know about it. Also why one is allowed to live the gift on earth & how enriching Botany can inspire & refine your life.
  deep connection with nature feeds a very essential wealth of experience,
which must always be available to all living beings on earth in order to remain physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Also in the air we need to breathe we find essential pheromones of the plant world for our healthy function.
Allergies arise when the immune system is weakened, especially when you are
  little or  Hardly stays in nature, or the body is slagged. 
A conscious walk in a richly diverse, infinitely diverse planted nature is not only good for body and mind, nature lets our positive affirmation of life remain inspired.

forest walks  relax, regenerate and can do a lot more  more.
Anyone who roams through the forest and field with open senses will discover a variety of edible plants and remedies that the body appreciates to increase general well-being and especially in spring when everything wakes up fresh and juicy from hibernation.




EDIBLE FLOWERS eg: in small quantities for salads, desserts or garnishes to remember
fruit tree blossoms, sunflower blossoms,  Wild garlic, borage, rosemary, sage, daisy, elder, jasmine, nasturtium, cornflower, lavender, dandelion, burnet, marigold, rose, Asia lettuce blossoms, yarrow, chives, chive garlic, thyme, violet, wild pansy courgettes, cowslip, poppy blossoms, beetroot & & some other types of vegetables flowers (if you let them stand then the flowers will come which contain the seeds for the following year) ....

Some edible buds one should  know inside out  such as
From these trees you can collect the buds and benefit from their respective properties:

  • Oak: anti-inflammatory.

  • Apple: immune boosting.

  • Black poplar: wound-healing.

  • Walnut: detoxifying.

  • Linden: calming.

  • Birch: purifying.

  • Horse chestnut: vascular strengthening.

  • Rose: anti-inflammatory.

  • & many more that we can study & inspire together.


  1. Collect only 1 to 2 buds per branch and only if there are sufficient quantities,
    according to the rule: apples are collected in buckets, herbs in the basket and buds are collected in the thimble!

  2. Only take what you actually need.

  3. Harvest the young buds before they are fully ripe, after which the components will decrease.

  4. Avoid crops on busy roads, conventionally farmed fields where pesticides are applied, 

  5. Only collect buds from trees that you can clearly identify and know how to use.

  6. Gather with bare fingers or sharp scissors.


Edible flowers

A variety of wild flowers & herbs are also edible & highly nutritious such as B.
Ramsons, Barbarakraut, daisies, scented geraniums, elderflowers, jasmine, nasturtium, lavender blossoms, dandelion, marigold, wild rose blossoms, yarrow, cowslip,  Chive Blossoms, Deadnettle, Wood Wood Sorrel, Zucchini Blossoms, Pumpkin Leaves & Vegetable Buds..........
Nature enriches us 
Blooms, detailed shapes, intricately woven textures, patterns, aromas & a color palette that touches the heart, aromas that in every way captivate our senses & even revitalize the memory as if you were still in the same place  moment here & now fully inspired & alive fulfilled. This in infinite creativity galore is always a comeback  Feast for our senses eyes, nose, tactile & taste receptors if some. of these flowers are edible.
The tasteful journey of discovery through the local garden, forest or meadow with edible flowers and blossoms of some trees is an unforgettable enrichment  for earthly life.

forests to the fields
Nutritious mushrooms
Herbs & wildflowers please
to breathe & for everything
what life needs for love & peace

Do you want tree seeds or wildflower seeds?
Just ask me....
I need every helping hand
to cultivate paradise, gardens fields & forests &
support bigger ones....


Taykin Ya Om

CaZandrine BeeZes

To fly with your own wings 
in search of endless fields
after what times nutritious
That can not be
The buds, flowers
& flowers.... Bach flowers,
should help
  to remember & restore the way of paradise,
so long
  still sane
& unless,
then it is high time
  to develop this
so that paradise is again in heaven on earth

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