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Soft, well-groomed and firm skin

Our body's natural coat thanks regular care because we feel comfortable in our own skin.

For this purpose, FOREVER offers a carefully compiled care series that suits all skin types. For a healthy, balanced and vital appearance.

Let us advise and care for you, and test a successful result for yourself!

Take some time for a free consultation

or a fee-based pampering program with ours

Aloe Vera products !

& .... For my  personal team partner & all
who would like to build up an additional income in our team,
there are free
Beauty & wellness workshops
individually or
in a group with a Foreverliving Aloe Vera package order
your choice among:


or  just contact me at:

Catherine Menezes


Let's get together  a "cup of aloe tea"











& explore beautiful possibilities of development about your Opportunities with Foreverliving Aloe Vera

Health & Wellness !


face & décolleté


face & cleavage

The face is the window to our soul.

If we are doing well, this shows in a fresh complexion. If we are feeling bad, the sensitive face will be the first to tell. A radiant face requires care, because the same applies here:

From nothing, comes nothing! Make-up removal, mild and thorough cleansing and subsequent proper care with high-quality natural products are important steps towards an expressive face with clear skin. FOREVER offers the right products for every skin type.


Sonya Skincare Collection

5 perfectly matched products for the entire facial care

Pamper your skin according to the results of the latest cosmetic and scientific findings with their exquisite ingredients such as pure aloe vera, white tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and much more...

In our fast-moving times, where body and mind are exposed to high demands, an innovative care series is extremely important. Defy environmental influences with selected active ingredients such as pure aloe vera, white tea, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

The Sonya Skin Care Collection gives your skin the moisture it needs every day - for gentle care, a radiant complexion and a healthy appearance.

Let yourself be pampered with this high-quality care from Forever.

Take some time for a free consultation

or treat yourself to a paid pampering program with aloe vera products
Your choice !



We have the freedom to choose!

Drink Aloe Forever and stay healthy!

Forever's aloe vera drinks taste fresh and make you feel fresh. Use the wisdom of nature, which can set so many positive impulses with aloe vera. The body is supplied with optimal nutrients, the metabolism is stimulated and the energy balance stabilized.

Always ready for a portion of power FOREVER Aloe 2 go in its practical packaging is ideal for taking to school, work or sports. The takeaway pleasure for everyone who wants to keep moving - combines the best of FOREVER Aloe 2 go with the valuable active ingredients of aloe vera, pomegranate and mangosteen, making it the ideal drink for "healthy energy in between".

Be balanced, find the right balance.

Between action and reaction, between tension and relaxation - it is not always easy to find your own center in the ups and downs of everyday life. A good way to maintain balance is to keep your body stable. By supplying essential and high-quality nutrients and vital substances (Nutriplus), the body can process everything it needs. So that it can function permanently. So that the energy balance is permanently right. And so that you can lead a balanced, vital life.

For a balanced diet, for our health. Forever products complement our food perfectly and provide that "certain extra" - that's why these products are deliberately called FOREVER "Nutriplus".

Take some time for a free consultation

or test the taste of health with aloe vera for yourself before or after a pampering program with aloe vera .....


  • Helps reduce stress levels

  • Supports the drainage of tissue & vessels in our  body

  • Has an energizing effect 

  • Helpful in weaning bad habits, cravings,

  • Tea bag can be used for facial steam bath - after drinking
    (1 bag is always
      for 1 to 1 and a half 1litre  & not a cup)

  • Supports the body in detoxifying impure skin from the inside out

  • Caffeine free

  • few calories

  • Suitable for diabetics

  • Can be drunk hot or cold

  • Can be mixed as a tasty, healthy alternative to cocktails

  • Tastes!
    & Much more .....

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